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Attention: Your Order Will Not Be Processed Or Shipped If You Do Not Choose The Most Appropriate And Corresponding Shipping Option For Your Exact Location At The Time Of Purchase!!!

By visiting and shopping with us you hereby agree to abide with our terms, conditions and return policies. These are the policies or rules that dictates how we operate and relate with our customers with regards to every transaction that is made on our website. This implies that you have solidly agreed to our Information Management policies, Return policies and the last but not the least, Payment policies as well. You hereby agree that when you place an order via our website, you must select the most appropriate and corresponding shipping options and prices that fully corresponds with your exact location before making payment in full. You hereby agree that once you have successfully placed an order with us, you have automatically agreed to our terms and conditions which includes all of our Privacy policy rules as well.

As per Returns, you can always return any purchased products or items from us within 30 days of purchase and also as long as the said products and items are yet to be opened or tampered with by the customer. The customer has to bear all costs associated with returns as such will not be financed or taken care of by us. (Words like “Us”, “We”, “Our” fully represents “DreamLink Wholesale Or DreamlinkWholesale.Com” wherever they are used on our website).

Once this is done, we will either ship the same exact product to your address or refund your money 100% whichever is the case. Please note that you have a 30 days window to do so and also that the products or items purchased must be in the original packaged order without any sign of modifications or damage. We will not be accepting returns, or offering refunds if the 30 days window is over, or when the original purchased products are tampered with or damaged by the customer.
We will endeavor to ship your products and items as quickly as possible but please allow us one day of operations and logistics aspect to sort, find and package your products for shipping the next day. Once your item is shipped, you will receive an email from us with the tracking information for you to be able to track your purchase online as you like. Most shipping takes place between Monday to Friday as we rarely ship on weekends, meaning all orders received late on a Friday will have to wait till the following Monday before being shipped.

Information Management:
As we strive to deliver quality products and services it might also interest you to know that we do have our privacy policies and terms and conditions which every visiting customer must abide with while shopping on our website. By visiting and shopping at our website you hereby have automatically agreed to abide by our privacy policy. You have fully agreed that we can collect your personal information only for the purpose of shopping with us. We do not keep or use your personal information for any other purpose and will definitely not do so without your consent.

Besides, we also use cookies to monitor and track visitors on our website just for the sake of all business transactions that takes place while you shop. We do not have access to your personal information as a visitor to our website but will obtain such only after you sign up with us or you may have completed a transaction or purchased an item or products. This information we keep is just for record sake and also to serve you better and will never use it for anything else without your consent and approval.

Again, We can only use your information for email marketing only when you consent by signing up on our website or by subscribing to our mailing list, which will now allow us to send some promotional and sales related emails with a link for you to unsubscribe at will or whenever deem necessary to do so. We can never share your information with anybody or any third party whatsoever. Our website is well and highly encrypted with the best, state of the art security technology as a standard practice to guarantee that your personal information stays safe and will never be disclosed to any third party or outsiders.

Payment Method:
We accepts payments via PayPal and Stripe which will always guarantee that you’ll have a perfect and smooth transactions while checking out on our website. Please also note that both PayPal and Stripe reserves the rights to either accept or reject your payments while using their payment gateways at their own discretion to do so if they suspect anything dubious, which also is beyond our control as well.

Furthermore, we also reserve the right to accept or cancel your order if for or at any reason we deem necessary towards doing so at our discretion. It could be due to product out of stock or when we suspect any kinds of dubious transactions on our website. We can also cancel your order if you fail to chose the most appropriate and corresponding shipping option while checking out and making a purchase. Such orders will Not be processed or shipped so make sure you are choosing the right shipping option that corresponds to your exact location from the list. Please know that all genuinely declined order will be refunded if the product or item is sold out or out of stock as the case may be. The customer will be well notified of this decision and the customer will be kept informed throughout the process.

We will always strive to serve you better so do not hesitate to drop us a note via “contact us” at our website to see how quickly we are ready and willing to assist and serve you better. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions and other inquiries.

Attention: Your Order Will Not Be Processed Or Shipped If You Do Not Choose The Most Appropriate And Corresponding Shipping Option For Your Exact Location At The Time Of Purchase!!!

Thank you for shopping with us as we look forward to seeing you back once again!

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