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Royal Plus 4X1 DiSEqC Switch

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Royal Plus 4X1 DiSEqC Switch:
Royal Plus 4X1 DiSEqC Switch is the best 4 inputs and 1 output Diseqc switch in the market. Are you tired of having bad or no signal issues with your satellites? Missing some channels that suppose to be there but for some reason you can explain you can not get them when you scan for them? The problem is over. With Royal Plus 4X1 DiSEqC Switch you can add up to 4 satellites to your FTA system. Royal Plus 4X1 DiSEqC Switch uses Diseqc 1.0 protocol. Just select Diseqc 1.0 in your satellite television receiver and you can get 4 (port) inputs. It features low insertion loss, only 3 Db. High quality. Water proof. Royal Plus 4X1 DiSEqC Switch is compatible with all FTA receivers and because it consumes so low power you can be sure you will not run into power consumption problems. Recommended to use with Dreamlink and Coolview receivers.
* Heavy Duty
* Frequency Range 950-2400Mhz
* Current Pass 25ma Max
* Insertion Loss 3 dB
* Isolation 25db
* Completely Waterproof
* 2 years of Warranty

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