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Dreamlink Remote Control Replacement For T2, T1 & T1 Plus

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Dreamlink Remote Control Replacement for T2, T1 & T1 plus

The remote control sometimes brake because it is a piece of equipment that suffers a lot of abuse. Babies suck on it, dogs chew on it, people sit on it or simply, it gets dropped. Whatever is the reason why your remote control no longer works  we have for you a  brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged Original Dreamlink remote control replacement for Dreamlink T1, Dreamlink T1 Plus, Dreamlink Dlite and Dreamlink T2  in its original packaging.  Our Dreamlink remote control replacement is also compatible with Formuler Z7 plus.


This is the same remote as you will find in the original box and with all the main features. It comes with the full set of buttons for video. Play, pause, forward, rewind, stop, fast forward and fast rewind.  Also has standard  mouse function built-in and 4 directional keys to move the arrow on the screen.

Features a slim design with all the most poplar keys like:

  1. Live TV key
  2. VOD
  3. EPG
  4. Group


Easy operation of your Dreamlink unit entertainment system with infrared LED. This ultra-light  weight Dreamlink remote control replacement works with your Dreamlink T2,  Dreamlink Dlite and all the other models like T1 , T1 plus and Formuler Z7 plus.

More Information

  • Dreamlink control replacement for T1, T1 plus, Dlite and T2 system main functions with the 4 color keys (Red, Green,Yellow, Blue).
  • Silent keypath
  • Re-assing the resolution in your Dreamlink unit with only one button. No complicated menus.
  • Full audio and video keys.
  • Built-in mouse.
  • Volume mute  button and Apps button to go to the Application section in the market place.
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